Bruce Johnson is a sculptor choosing the way of the craftsman. He studied art at the University of California, Davis in the sixties. After graduating from University he began a unique apprenticeship as a craftsman/builder. His work as a craftsman includes conventional construction, historic restoration, timber frame construction, sculptural buildings, gardens, gates, doors and furniture. Earning wages as a builder afforded him the time, resources and unique skills to establish himself as a sculptor. He has maintained a sculpture studio along California’s rugged north coast for almost four decades. ​

I am an artist fully engaged in abstract contemporary sculpture. I am a maker of objects with a craftsman’s touch. I am a tool in the process. I am moved by mass and scale. I love the energy and vitality of these big chunks of salvaged redwood and work to honor their spirit. These sculptures are the echo of a vanishing ecosystem. May they also be seen as small acts of preservation.